“I highly recommend this system to anyone who operates multiple tenancies and wants to know what is happening in each venue. I use the supervisor dashboard every day to check on each individual premises and what issues have been found, so I can act quickly to have them resolved. I also used to provide managers with lots of literature for staff training etc at a cost to my business, but the staff training section takes care of all this now. This is by far the simplest software I have used when it comes to extracting data, its all on one dashboard with and tablet friendly so I can use on the go. This is a corporate level system available to small companies, at a unbelievable low price.

– Steve Cowell, MD at Creative Leisure Ltd

“I run a very busy pub, especially on weekends, so this is a great tool as its very simple to follow, easy to use, covers my business and gives me piece of mind. I recently had an inspection from my local police and I used the app to show them what incident reporting is being logged and they was very impressed. Couldn’t be happier with using the app, for me and all my staff. Well done”

– Adam Prestige, Pub manager of the Witton Chimes, Northwich

“As a manager we constantly have paperwork to fill in for all areas of the business, so its nice to have less paperwork and just go through checklists on my phone. I was sceptical at the start thinking this would be hard to change from what I was already doing, but a friend recommended it to me as part of a free trial and I was amazed how easy it was, and it covers all the areas of compliance so I don’t need separate books for separate areas. Whatever inspector comes to see it I use the same app for all of them. I hope the business is a success, and I will be using it from now on in mine”.

– Anita Waring, Pub manager of the Balmoral, Bolton