You can find out about any compliance issues happening through are ‘Supervisor Dashboard’ feature. Stay connected to all your businesses and monitor how each venue is performing with all information brought to you in real time from the system as it is being used. This includes all information from checklist escalated issues, training progress, Incident and Accident reports as well as compliance rating for the venue.


Easy to complete pre-formatted checklists covering every part of the business, which also act as a prompt as you go around the venue carrying out checks, ensuring your business is fully compliant to governing body standards.



Each staff member is given their own unique login. This enables them to access the training from their own device at a time convenient to them. This standardised training section ensures staff understand what compliance in your business means, and what they must do as part of a compliant business. This training covers Licensing, Health and Safety, Fire Safety and Food Hygiene


Governing body officials that visit the premises can also use the app to access the completed checklists and training to act as evidence that the business is completing and recording the compliance checks properly.