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A new compliance management App for Pubs, Bars and Restaurants.

It is a legal requirement for all Pubs, Bars and Restaurants that trade in the UK to conduct Licensing, Health & Safety, Fire Safety and Food Safety checks within their venues, then record this information and make sure it’s available for inspection by any governing body.

Failure to carry out theses mandatory checks and record the information can lead to warnings or fines being issued by governing bodies to the business, which can also lead to damage to a company’s reputation through media announcements for failings or issues found.

The problem for owners is knowing if these checks are being carried out and the information is recorded correctly, with any issues found being reported so they can be rectified.

The problem for managers is having a structured system to work to that ensures all the checks have been carried out covering both the manager and the business.

Publicans Compliance, was built by publicans, for publicans. We have created a user friendly app that completely eliminates the risk of non-compliance, gives structure for managers and staff to stick to, and provides peace of mind your business is fully compliant. Our cloud based system is accessible through any web connected device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

We are also experts in the areas of Licensing, Health and Safety, Fire Safety and Food Safety. So you can be sure that all the information and guidance we provide is accurate and up to date, with a dedicated in-house team working for and on behalf of all our members.

And the best part is we’ve made it affordable for every business, whether your a single owner-operator, or a company with multiple venues, our service is affordable, with prices starting from just £25.00 per month. Sign up for the free trial today and see for yourself the benefits this system can bring to your business.


Compliance Areas We Cover Are:

  • Licensing
  • Health and Safety
  • Fire safety
  • Food Safety

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